Food and meals could be both nutritious and pleasure. The dietitians and nutritionists of the 21st century are expected to equip themselves with professional knowledge and skills, ability in collaboration trans-disciplinarily, and enthusiasm in humane care and service. They need to fulfill the aforementioned goals with the humanities, professional ethics and global perspectives.


Department of Nutritional Science has 14 full-time faculties and staffs, around 250 undergraduate students and 40 master graduate students. We provide excellent academic programs in nutrition along with voluntary / practical training and dietetic internship to ensure the fusion of knowledge and professional skill. Students would be qualified to take national examination for dietitian upon graduation when the course work and internship are fulfilled. Opportunities of international studies are available for both bachelor and master students. Career paths include dietitians or nutritionists for communities, hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, food service institutions, health promotion institutes, nonprofit organizations, and food industry, as well as researchers in biomedicine and biotechnology related academic or research organizations.